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Vegan Soap Bars


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Pthalate free - vegan - 4oz
Made in Chicago. Our Soap bars are sold in shop only, if you would like to add one to your online order just send us an email!

Beer & Cigarettes (Best Seller)
Elderflower Mimosa
Lavender Bitters
Long Island Iced Tea
Mint Mojito
Tequila Shot

Image of Small Batch Hair Scarves
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Small Batch Hair Scarves
Image of Sunglasses
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Image of Small Batch Scrunchies
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Small Batch Scrunchies
Image of Sage & Palo Santo
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Sage & Palo Santo
Image of Candles
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Image of Pottery & Planters
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Pottery & Planters
Image of Vegan Nail Polish
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Vegan Nail Polish
Image of Essential Oil
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Essential Oil
Image of Vintage Lip Tins
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Vintage Lip Tins
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