Silver Turtle


  • Image of Silver Turtle

14K gold over sterling. Silver shell. Made in USA

Image of Vintage Snake Belt/Necklace
Vintage Snake Belt/Necklace
Image of Beaded Choker
Beaded Choker
Image of Eye of the Tiger Necklace
Eye of the Tiger Necklace
Image of Two Tone Necklace
Two Tone Necklace
Image of Citrine Necklace
On sale
Citrine Necklace
Image of Clear Quartz Necklace
On sale
Clear Quartz Necklace
Image of Layed Turquoise Spike Necklace
Layed Turquoise Spike Necklace
Image of Heart & Arrow Necklace
Heart & Arrow Necklace
Image of SIlver Cowrie Necklace
SIlver Cowrie Necklace
Image of Jade Ring
On sale
Jade Ring
Image of Sunstone Ring
On sale
Sunstone Ring
Image of Resin Vine Ring
Resin Vine Ring
Image of Mosaiiac Ring
Mosaiiac Ring
Image of De La Soul RIng
De La Soul RIng
Image of The Velvet Knot Earring
The Velvet Knot Earring
Image of Blue Bird Dusters
Blue Bird Dusters
Image of Gold Doodle Studs
Gold Doodle Studs
Image of Delano Horn Earring
Delano Horn Earring
Image of Vintage Owl Earrings
Vintage Owl Earrings
Image of Vintage Gold Leaf Earring
Vintage Gold Leaf Earring
Image of Vintage Button Earring
Vintage Button Earring
Image of Turkey Feather Duster
Turkey Feather Duster
Image of Red Suede Dusters
Red Suede Dusters
Image of Tribal Duster
Tribal Duster
Image of Sunkissed Duster
Sunkissed Duster
Image of Two Tone Oval Posts
Two Tone Oval Posts
Image of Gold Oyster Shell
Gold Oyster Shell
Image of Infiniti Posts
Infiniti Posts
Image of Gold Turtle
Gold Turtle
Image of Silver Oyster Shell
Silver Oyster Shell
Image of Leaf Ear Climber
Leaf Ear Climber
Image of Painted Wood Bangle
Painted Wood Bangle
Image of Mosaiaac Shell Bracelet
Mosaiaac Shell Bracelet
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