Natasha Maxi


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Viscose. Deep chocolate brown full wrap dress with bakelite belt buckle to secure your sash. Long balloon sleeve that can be worn up or down. Made in NYC. Runs true to size.

Image of Tulum Kimono
Tulum Kimono
Image of Wallflower Midi
Wallflower Midi
Image of Breathless
Image of Marte Long Midi
Marte Long Midi
Image of Brooklyn Maxi Dress
Brooklyn Maxi Dress
Image of Amande Maxi
Amande Maxi
Image of American Beauty Maxi
American Beauty Maxi
Image of Anthem Of The Sun Midi
Anthem Of The Sun Midi
Image of Isa Ankle Dress
Isa Ankle Dress
Image of Marisol Wrap Ankle Dress
Marisol Wrap Ankle Dress
Image of Gema Ankle Dress
Gema Ankle Dress
Image of Shine On Kaftan
Shine On Kaftan
Image of Maya Maxi
Maya Maxi
Image of Diana Midi
Diana Midi
Image of Cerise Maxi
Cerise Maxi
Image of Floral Plunge Maxi
Floral Plunge Maxi
Image of Tropical Sunset Maxi
Tropical Sunset Maxi
Image of Flores Paisley Maxi
Flores Paisley Maxi
Image of Cancun Midi
Cancun Midi
Image of Kayla Wine Long Dress
Kayla Wine Long Dress
Image of Luna Blooms Long Midi
Luna Blooms Long Midi
Image of Kayla Eggplant Long Dress
Kayla Eggplant Long Dress
Image of Ximena Dress
Ximena Dress
Image of Mocha Ximena Midi
Mocha Ximena Midi
Image of Fall in Capri Maxi
Fall in Capri Maxi
Image of Toledo Long Midi
On sale
Toledo Long Midi
Image of Peggy Midi
On sale
Peggy Midi
Image of Leopard Tinsel Midi
On sale
Leopard Tinsel Midi
Image of Supine Chain Link Midi
On sale
Supine Chain Link Midi
Image of Brick Midi Shirtdress
On sale
Brick Midi Shirtdress
Image of Tobacco Chiffon Midi/Maxi
On sale
Tobacco Chiffon Midi/Maxi
Image of Champagne at the Palace Midi
On sale
Champagne at the Palace Midi
Image of Golden Wheat Maxi
On sale
Golden Wheat Maxi
Image of Midnight Terra Midi
On sale
Midnight Terra Midi
Image of Indigo Boho Midi Dress
On sale
Indigo Boho Midi Dress
Image of Winter Garden Maxi
On sale
Winter Garden Maxi
Image of Sunday Stroll Maxi
On sale
Sunday Stroll Maxi
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