Natasha Maxi


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Viscose. Deep chocolate brown full wrap dress with bakelite belt buckle to secure your sash. Long balloon sleeve that can be worn up or down. Made in NYC. Runs true to size.

Image of Gypset Maxi
Gypset Maxi
Image of Fortress Maxi
Fortress Maxi
Image of Roma Saloon Maxi
Sold out
Roma Saloon Maxi
Image of All That Glitters Maxi
All That Glitters Maxi
Image of Toga Maxi
Toga Maxi
Image of Barn Dance Maxi
Barn Dance Maxi
Image of Under The Stars Maxi
Under The Stars Maxi
Image of Alturra In Midnight Maxi
Alturra In Midnight Maxi
Image of Wish Upon Kaftan Maxi
Wish Upon Kaftan Maxi
Image of Briarwood Mini Dress
Briarwood Mini Dress
Image of Mallory Mini
Mallory Mini
Image of Antique Rosewood Kaftan
Antique Rosewood Kaftan
Image of Safran Maxi
Safran Maxi
Image of Copperhead Maxi
Copperhead Maxi
Image of Golden Ox Maxi
Golden Ox Maxi
Image of Golden Leaf Maxi
Golden Leaf Maxi
Image of Dijon Kaftan Maxi
Dijon Kaftan Maxi
Image of Confuse Dress
Confuse Dress
Image of Winter Garden Maxi
Winter Garden Maxi
Image of Tropic Whiskey Maxi
Tropic Whiskey Maxi
Image of Gema Ankle Dress
Gema Ankle Dress
Image of Sarita Maxi
Sarita Maxi
Image of Kayla Wine Long Dress
Kayla Wine Long Dress
Image of Kayla Wrap
Kayla Wrap
Image of Brooklyn Maxi Dress
On sale
Brooklyn Maxi Dress
Image of Spotted Banana Midi
On sale
Spotted Banana Midi
Image of Beaded Macaw Midi
On sale
Beaded Macaw Midi
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