Love Blouse


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A colorful addition to your closet, the love tunic is simply a masterpiece of a painting in the form of clothing. The dotted spots, marvelous prints and admirable color matching all play their part in putting up a peerless display that will leave you staring for moments on end.

Size: One Size Fits Most

100% Cotton

Made in India

Image of Valley Spring Bayleaf Blouse
Valley Spring Bayleaf Blouse
Image of Valley Spring Twig Blouse
Valley Spring Twig Blouse
Image of Bahiya Blouse
Bahiya Blouse
Image of Luna Blouse
Luna Blouse
Image of Kareena Blouse
Kareena Blouse
Image of Jolene Blouse
Jolene Blouse
Image of Aude Button Down Blouse
Aude Button Down Blouse
Image of Kori Crochet Blouse
Kori Crochet Blouse
Image of Hannah Crochet Top
Hannah Crochet Top
Image of Nighttime Blues Top
Nighttime Blues Top
Image of Franny Cord Top
Franny Cord Top
Image of Francesca Top
Francesca Top
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