January Wide Leg Trouser


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The high waisted wide leg trousers are as roomy and comfy as they are hi end chic! As always our UK design team does not dissapoint! These pants have an elastic waist in the back only. If you have wider hips we suggest to size up one full size as there is no zipper. UK Import. Use Sizes below for reference.

Image of Coal Wrap Pant
Coal Wrap Pant
Image of Ochre Culotte
Ochre Culotte
Image of The Pleated Crop
The Pleated Crop
Image of The Spring Green Trouser
The Spring Green Trouser
Image of Blonde Ambition Trouser
Blonde Ambition Trouser
Image of Imperial Trouser
Imperial Trouser
Image of The Menswear Pant
The Menswear Pant
Image of Wide Cord Smoke
Wide Cord Smoke
Image of Wide Cord Rust
Wide Cord Rust
Image of Original Straight
Original Straight
Image of East Coast Flare Faded Vintage
East Coast Flare Faded Vintage
Image of Sailor Jean
Sailor Jean
Image of East Coast Flare Eco Ava
East Coast Flare Eco Ava
Image of East Coast Flare Denim
East Coast Flare Denim
Image of Phedra Pant
On sale
Phedra Pant
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