Creme Wool Fedora


  • Image of Creme Wool Fedora
  • Image of Creme Wool Fedora

100% Wool. Wide stiff brim and top. Smoke leather strap. Marshal Fedora style. Fully adjustable from the inside. Designed in LA.

Image of Powder Fedora
Powder Fedora
Image of Mara Deco Rancher
Sold out
Mara Deco Rancher
Image of Orso Aztec Rancher
Orso Aztec Rancher
Image of Bethany Gambler
Bethany Gambler
Image of Kala Fedora
Sold out
Kala Fedora
Image of Vegan Terracotta Rancher
Vegan Terracotta Rancher
Image of Vegan Blush Rancher
Vegan Blush Rancher
Image of Vegan Mint Rancher
Vegan Mint Rancher
Image of Vegan Camel Rancher
Vegan Camel Rancher
Image of Vegan Perriwinkle Rancher
Vegan Perriwinkle Rancher
Image of Barley Vegan Boater
Barley Vegan Boater
Image of Rye Vegan Boater
Sold out
Rye Vegan Boater
Image of Burnt Sienna Rancher
Burnt Sienna Rancher
Image of Barley Vegan Milk Fedora
Barley Vegan Milk Fedora
Image of Black Wool Fedora
Black Wool Fedora
Image of Allison Fedora Burgundy
Allison Fedora Burgundy
Image of Allison Fedora Jade
Allison Fedora Jade
Image of Allison Fedora Putty
Allison Fedora Putty
Image of Allison Fedora Black
Allison Fedora Black
Image of Bird & Feather Boho Plum
Bird & Feather Boho Plum
Image of Bird & Feather Boho Putty
Bird & Feather Boho Putty
Image of Small Batch Hair Scarves
Small Batch Hair Scarves
Image of Small Batch Scrunchies
Coming soon
Small Batch Scrunchies
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