Chestnut Flare


  • Image of Chestnut Flare

Corduroy. Chestnut brown cords with graduated bell bottom. Runs true to size. Made in AU.

Image of Palmier Plaid Trouser
Palmier Plaid Trouser
Image of Philo Rose Trouser
Philo Rose Trouser
Image of Olive Crop Cord
Olive Crop Cord
Image of Elle Super Cord
Elle Super Cord
Image of Bobbie Step Dad
Bobbie Step Dad
Image of Luxe Flare
Luxe Flare
Image of Elle Super Bell
Elle Super Bell
Image of Stella Genie
Stella Genie
Image of Shadow Genie
Shadow Genie
Image of Sailor Jean
Sailor Jean
Image of Sailor Ash
Sailor Ash
Image of East Coast Flare Faded Vintage
East Coast Flare Faded Vintage
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